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2017.05.29 GOSC17

RoboSherlock is participating in this years Google Summer of Code, under the umbrealla of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Mykola Dolhyi and An Le Thai are going to be working on implementing/integrating algorithms for hypotheses generation. We hope to have a successful collaboration during the upcomming months.

2016.04.21 RoboSherlock at ICRA16

Our paper [1] on taskability of perception has been accepted at this years ICRA, in Stockholm, Sweeden. The paper presents an extension to RoboSherlock that allows a tighter coupling between knowledge processing and perception.

2016.01.17 RoboSherlock at ERF2016


We are happy to announce that the latest advances of RoboSherlock will be persented at the European Robotics Forum 2016 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, as part of the ‘Believing in Robot’s Eyes - Robust Observation of Task Relevant Cues’ Workshop.

2015.12.01 - RoboSherlock Released

The core implementation of RoboSherlock is now available as an open-source ROS package. Details about installation and getting started on the documentations web-page.

2015.05. - RoboSherlock at ICRA15

The reference paper presenting the ideas behind RoboSherlock [2] received the Best Service Robotics Paper Award and was finalist for the Best conferenc Paper Award at ICRA‘15 in Seattle, USA.